French review games

french review games

Want to get your students talking in a relaxed, enjoyable way? Here are 4 fun games for the French classroom guaranteed to get your students talking!. The Digital Dialects French games section features free to use and fun games for language learning for kids and learners of French.. Included are online French   ‎ Phrases · ‎ Colours · ‎ Clothes · ‎ Fruit. Use these 5 games to introduce mind-blowing fun into your French class today! Hangman forces students to review their vocabulary in a very effective manner. Winner has no words left. This activity gets very noisy with a large group but it can be a great way to keep students speaking English for quite a long period of time and you will probably see how their confidence grows as they get the hang of asking and answering the questions. After questioning the first suspect, you get the second one to come in for questioning. Best with advanced students, this mainly practises the use of negatives. The activity takes some preparation, but not an enormous amount. They play it very quickly now so we often manage two or three games. Pupils have to remember which item has gone missing. Digital Dialects French also offers verb conjugation games in the French Verbs section, and a French advanced page. Apples to Apples would be a good review of vocabulary. Just printing off legions d'honneur medals for winning teams. To help them write up the terms they will need to explain the calculation. This is a sometimes-riotous game for the last 10 minutes of class. Sue Gray from Australia adds: Partners take turns to guess by giving grid references where the other person has placed the items e. Hold a class vote to decide which group would survive for the longest. Who gives up first? You tell the class that there has been a crime in the town last night at 8. If their answer is correct, they score those points, but if they are wrong, they lose the online spiele wimmelbilder. They play it very quickly now so we der westen duisburg sport manage two or three games. There atlantis bischberg a couple casino 888 vip vocabulary building games for intermediate to learners on the French advanced games page, and some verb conjugation games in the French verbs games Section.

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It has the added advantage of requiring absolutely no preparation time. Good preparation for this would be to display a list of adjectives or adjectival phrases on screen or board which pupils can select from. The students are practicing listening, thinking in French and speaking skills. You have the option of making the game easier if you allow students to use their books. Planning a visit to Paris Another one for advanced learners in groups of about 5. Younger teenage students never seem to tire of this game. Navigation FluentU French Educator Blog. If they get it wrong they sit down and are out of the game. This game is good for encouraging speaking and listening to French. Each student is given a a few clues to a murder investigation. The student reading out the clues practices reading French and pronunciation, while the other students practice listening and reading: Students may not understand the French instruction you have just given them, but they can read the digits on the board. Total time for game about 15 minutes. If you do not say Jacques dit , then they must do nothing.




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